Why online assessments over conventional methods are advised for recruitment?

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With so many campus placements trends coming up, the rush of students and candidates in colleges has increased quite a lot. However, it actually becomes a nightmare for the recruitment team to simply make the decision on coming up with the best candidates merely with an interview. Recruitment team is loaded with a big responsibility of actually choosing those employees who can make the company a huge success. That is why; they need to make sure that employees they choose for the company are worth the investment of time and money which the company will put into them. To find one diamond in rough is not an easy job, but sources like online test can actually help. Here are the reasons why it is advised for recruitment

Know more about traditional methods:

In traditional methods of recruitment, there is written test, group discussion and technical rounds involved which actually cover up the whole time of recruitment. This means eventually along with direct cost of the recruitment, the company has to cover up personal cost, accommodation, logistics and travel. Since most of the time and resources are utilized in traditional methods, certainly online test for software engineering and other recurs are best to make sure that best candidates get a good opportunity to come on the stage of the recruitment process and showcase their talent. With online assessment, your recruitment team gets a complete control on the distribution, creating test and evaluation. The good part is the results are accurate and gives the best candidates to the company.

Know the drawbacks of traditional methods

  • Although traditional methods may seem to be the best source to meet the candidate personally and know the person, but it is equally true that new methods are quite interesting. Here are the reasons that clearly show why conventional methods are of no use.
  • The traditional methods such as writing on paper test are long and does not actually have any kind of scientific approach that will exactly bring the right candidate
  • It is more indulging towards the rejection process rather than the objective selection process which a person look forward
  • If you look at the current campus interview process, you will understand that they are nowhere related with identifying the job and cultural fit with the company to ignore the attrition rate
  • Most of the recruitment teams whether the employers themselves or the career centres are quite conservative and restaurant to the changes. But now even if universities still have a good reputation on traditional interview but only corporate college recruiting can work the best.

The research shows that on an average a multinational company hires around 10000 candidates every year. No doubt the figure looks quite a lot considering the number of recruitment to be assessed merely by pen and paper test. That is why, now there are many different assessments such as OOPS concepts online test and other skills based test along with group discussion is done to understand the calibre of students and candidates, who are actually interested in the job. This will eventually save a lot of money and valuable time of the recruitment team.

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