What makes online fantasy cricket legal in India and how it has become so popular?


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In the recent years, fantasy cricket has exploded in popularity. No matter who you are, your age, what you do for a living or what belief system you follow, the charm of this virtual sport is hard to resist for anyone. Lately, fantasy cricket has evolved into a multi-billion industry with new websites consistently joining the bandwagon and providing more playing avenues for the variety-obsessed millennials. The phenomenal rise of this unique sport cannot be nailed down to a single source, as several factors, each with its own significance, combine to shape the trend. Join us, as we uncover some of the prominent growth drivers to keep you informed.


The sport you pursue has to be legal, or else the risk of ending on the wrong side of the law runs deep. While mainstream sports’ betting is illegitimate and carries aftermath, fantasy cricket is legal and devoid of any legal infringements. The reason being, the element of chance is overpowering in sports betting; whereas, the virtual sport is a purely skill based proposition. Simply put, in fantasy cricket the outcomes are not influenced by random factors, as is the case with sports betting. Contrarily, the skill element is way more prominent here. As such, fantasy cricket is included in the “Games of Skill” category, which is a class of sports with a legal status.

Inimitable Format:

ESPN is considered to be the pioneer of fantasy cricket. It came up with an interactive, multiplayer sport, Super Selector, in 2001, where cricket celebs and common folks had to pick a team from real players playing in a real match. The pattern remains unchanged to this day, except for minor changes exclusive to each website. The format empowers fantasy leaguers to call the shots in team selection, a prerogative that rests with a select few in the real world.

Helps earn money:

If your selected team members put up decent performances with the bat or ball, you are entitled to scores. And when your scores outnumber all other fantasy league participants, you are in sight of a big cash prize that maybe ten thousand times of the investment. The play cricket and win cash prizes proposition is lucrative enough to entice leagues across ages, genders and geographies. All you need is practicality, game awareness and a few rupees in your pocket.


In the era of digitalization and connectivity, you are spoilt for choices when it comes to entertainment. However, not all entertainment modes are created equal. To put everything in perspective, let’s revisit the nature of the format that combines entertainment, skills and earnings. In this unique format, you are testing your skills to bring in winnings, which take the entertainment to the next level. Additionally, staying entertained with this sport is convenient, as it is easily accessible via PCs, tabs and Smartphones even when you are on the go.

Obsession for Cricket:

In a cricket-obsessed country like India, even things remotely associated with this sport finds takers aplenty. The fantasy cricket has also banked on this obsession to make its way into the lives of cricket crazy Indian millennials. Again, the format is such that you need to stay updated on the happenings in the cricket world to ensure appropriate selections. From the form and fitness of players to playing conditions and more, nothing should skip your radar. As such, you end up going closer to the game that has gripped your imagination in all your growing years.

Crowded Cricket itinerary:

Cricket is a multi-format game played around the globe all year around. At any given time, there has to be some cricketing action unfolding in an ICC event, bilateral series or league stage, providing you with an opportunity to play fantasy cricket and win cash daily.

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