The Ultimate Tips on How to Play Fantasy Cricket to Win Cricket Leagues


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Imagine this analogy. Two fantasy leaguers, you and a friend, have created own teams for an event. While the friend goes on to win big, your playing 11 fails you. The reason for such contrasting results is effective planning and execution. Your friend devices winning strategies based on his cricketing awareness and practical decision making, whereas, you largely rely on gut feeling and chance. It’s time to take a leaf out of your friend’s book and approach the game more seriously and we are helping your cause with some proven fantasy cricket tips.

Practical team selections:

It is easy to give in to the temptation for reputations. You select a reputable player without considering his recent exploits, form, fitness, adaptability and other key on-field performance indicators. The strategy is flawed and will backfire 9 out of 10 times, leaving you disgruntled with the outcomes. Let practicality kick in when putting together your playing 11. Conduct due diligence on each player you intend to select and let the inferences guide your decisions. Thanks to the sheer multiplicity of online resources currently available, staying current on players is quick and easy. Just invest 15 to 20 minutes a day and you are sorted.

Research the pitch:

The pitch determining the performance of cricketers is a common sight. Neglecting the 22-yard strip for team selections will translate to compromised chances – it’s as simple as that. Here, the horses for courses approach will keep you in the groove. For grassy pitches in England and New Zealand, stuff your team with pacers who can move the bowl around while including speedsters clocking 90 miles/hour for hard and bouncy pitches in Australia and South Africa is the way to go. Likewise, for games played on spin-friendly pitches found in the Indian subcontinent, going for two spinners and part-timers who can roll their wrist is recommended.

Choose the captain wisely:

Typically, the performances of your captain and his deputy will earn you more points when compared to that of a normal player. Suppose, a player fetches you 50 points in a game. If he has been designated the captain and vice-captain, you would have ended up with 100 points and 75 points respectively. When stakes are high, being good with your choices is essential. Pick your playing 11 and then designate the best players as the captain and vice-captain. Prefer all-rounders, as they are likely to get you points with the bat and ball alike.

Play Practice Matches:

Prior to any major cricketing event, teams usually play practice matches. The point is to get accustomed to the playing conditions before entering the event. The strategy holds true for the cricket fantasy league as well. Typically, fantasy cricket websites provide a practice match option, along with the cash contest. Although the practice matches do not involve any cash rewards, they can be a shot in the arm for a newbie and a seasoned fantasy leaguer alike. These matches enable you to brush up your skills and get your strategies right.

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