Sites Get More Weight With Link Less Mentions And Long Term Visions For Better SEO


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You may have this notion that providing valid and relevant backlinks provided high quality to a website and was one of the strongest signals to Google to earn high search ranks. Well, this surely was reliable and trustworthy as well as effective in the past and for years it was considered that simply having a press mention or earning a feature by a reputed journalist in a popular publication is great and all about a successful SEO. Moreover, including a link to your site was considered to be a big achievement then.

However, over the years things have changed dramatically and it is not what the modern marketers think now. Today the link-less mentionis getting more weight than ever. There are several reasons for such a change in the thought process such as:

  • Google now is getting better at evaluating the value and quality of a content in a specific web page along with its relevance and depth.
  • It has also become better in knowing when the businesses are stated in reliable places even if there is a link lacking to strengthen the connection.

However, this does not mean that backlinks are obsolete now and are not valuable any more. Instead, you should know at this point that actuallythe quality and relevance of the content are the keys to SEO success even today.

Keeping that in mind, as a marketer you should work towards bolstering the authority of your brand. This you can do easily and effectively by pursuing the useful SEO strategiesthat are followed now by different online brandsand sites likeTayloright.comto earn more mentions that are relevant as well as helpful with links or without links.

Longterm vision

Having a long term vision as always is the most vital thing and is still one of the biggest SEO trends for 2019. This may not be new to you or to SEO practice but it bears the same repetitive effects on the final results. Know the reasons for it. 

  • This is because optimizing your web content for search was and is a long term process in the past as well as in the present time and you will certainly not get and results overnight in the future as well even if you use the most advanced tools and software.
  • It takes tie to design a strategy, implement and execute it and for it as such to show the results. Those early days are now long gone when marketers jumped on the trendy keywords to get a one-off traffic. Instead, over the next year, the same marketers now focus more on generating a continuous stream of traffic towards a particular site. This is possible only with quality content that will position your brandas trustworthy expert.

However, this does not necessarily meant that the shortterm tactics will not work or you should not use it at all but it will not be as effective as the long term visions in replicating the results and creating a long term mindset among the users.

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