Get High with the Real Fantasy Cricket in India with Golden Jeeto


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The affordability and accessibility of the Internet have benefited the world in numerous ways. It has revolutionized a lot of sectors and the sports sector is no stranger to it either. You name a sport and there exists an online version of that sport. Indians who are obsessed with the game of cricket and who had no intentions of being left behind have, therefore, indulged in various forms of online cricket, which is also known as fantasy cricket.

This form of cricket lets you choose real-life players and rope them in your virtual team online so that you can play matches against other virtual teams. What makes it more interesting is that you also make money along the way! The excitement of watching an actual game and manipulating your bets accordingly with every ball and every shot gives you an adrenaline rush that can give you kicks of the nth order! However, you need to understand that this format of the game requires a completely different set of skills than the actual game. Also, it takes much more than just a few clicks of the mouse if you actually want to make significant amounts of money in this format of the game.

Although there are many sites that allow you to play the game, Golden Jeeto takes it to a whole new level. To play fantasy cricket at Golden Jeeto, the very first step is to register yourself and then create a team for the match that you want to play. After that, you will have to select a captain and a vice-captain. Post that you can play a practice match or participate in cash contests.

Now the actual fun begins. As the real fantasy cricket match starts, your players in the virtual team score points based on their real-life performance. After the actual match ends, the ranks and points tally is published on the website of Golden Jeeto, along with the list of winners. And just like any other game, once the tournament has ended, you get fantastic cash prizes if your team’s points are higher than that of the opponent! To keep things more interesting, Golden Jeeto has a variety of games to offer. For instance, currently, its website offers IPL fantasy games and the Ashes fantasy games, among other one-to-one matches.

So if you’re one of those who sleeps cricket, walks cricket, and laughs cricket, it’s time for you to try your skills on Golden Jeeto.

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