FIFA World Cup 2018: What Are Some Cool Ways To Cheer For Your Favorite Team


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FIFA fever is on! The world’s biggest sporting carnival has kick-started, and fans around the world are pumped-up to cheer for their favorite teams. As not all can go to Russia, they are showing their support in innovative ways. From using props to creative displays, many are grabbing the attention of other fans worldwide.

Some big brands have also started unique contests to make winners watch a FIFA World Cup 2018 match live from the stands in a Russian stadium.

What’s your creative idea to support your favorite team this FIFA World Cup and get tracked by other fans across the world? Don’t worry if you haven’t yet! Here, we have found some fun ways that you can use to cheer for your team and get noticed.

  • Watch With Friends

Friends are crazy! And when it is about a sport, they can make every moment special. With them, nail-biting moments become more exciting when you are watching your favorite team playing in this FIFA World Cup. To make it more amazing, you can host a FIFA-themed party at your place. You can put flags of your favorite team and posters of players. And yes, don’t forget to get some delicious snacks! Record some cool moments in the form of pictures and videos, and post them on social media. If they are really exciting, no one can stop them from going viral.

  • Post On Social Media

During one month of the FIFA World Cup 2014, #worldcup was used more than 24 million times. In just a few hours of the 2014 opening game between Brazil and Croatia, there were over 12 million tweets. The top tweets of that time are still trending among fans. This shows how powerful the social media is in the today’s world. 

You can also share your favorite moments of a game, some cool facts about players, or your prediction about the game. Don’t forget to use the right hash-tag!

  • Wear Customized

In addition to wearing the t-shirt of your favorite team, you can get some other personalized accessories that you can use this world cup season. For example, customized silicone bracelets and caps are some of the things that you can personalize as per your choice.

You can get customized silicone bracelets with a name of your favorite team or player on them. You can wear them around your wrist all the time and show your support for the team. These wristbands are cost-effective items that you can customize yourself. This time, you can get plenty of them and distribute among your friends who are also fans of the same team.  

  • Make Creative Displays

Many malls, stores, and shopping centers around the world have been painted in the spirit of football. Shopkeepers have decorated their shops in a way that shows support for their favorite team. You can also try such things.

Even if you don’t have a store to decorate, you can start with your room. Add some posters of your favorite players, flags of your favorite team, and various other items related to the game.

  • Collect Football Items 

Many die-hard football fans have a hobby of collecting items related to the game. Earlier, a fan was interviewed who has a hobby of collecting football shoes. If you are also a passionate fan, then start collecting some items that you like. Who knows when a sports journalist will call you for an interview! 

In The End 

FIFA World Cup 2018 will give you lots of moments of celebration. In addition to cherishing them, record them and let others know about your passion for the game.

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