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Counter Strike Global Offensive is the third most popular game in the series, surpassing some of the records set by previous game in the genre for FPS – multiplayer games. It has around 11 million active monthly users, who make up for a huge consumer base of all the content that’s provided by Valve in the game. All these gamers play CSGO for the various game modes provided in it, such as casual matchmaking, war mode, retake, hostage, etc. However, the most popular mode in the game is the ranked, competitive mode which involves the staple game mode of the series – the one where players would be able to be divided into two teams, and then either destroy or protect bomb sites. Gamers regularly buy CSGO accounts in the game, for the very same game mode, as playing competitive has become more and more popular, with even casual gamers getting into the mix along with hardcore and professional gamers.

The whole concept of being able to buy CSGO accounts is quite popular in the gaming community, as many players are able to buy ranked accounts of a rank that they prefer, other than their own. Serious CSGO gamers can look to buy smurf accounts of a higher rank, such as LEM or SMFC, and use it to practice and improve their own game. Casual gamers can buy lower – ranked accounts such as silver where they can smurf with other new gamers and have some fun. Other than that, players can also buy gold nova accounts in order to boost their friends and avoid cheaters in the game.

Why is opting to buy Gold Nova accounts the smarter of the bunch when it comes to ranked?

  • Since Gold Nova is somewhat of a mid – tier rank, and can be used to play in lobbies with gamers having ranks like Silver or MG, it is considered as one of the best ranks to hold when it comes to smurfing. A Gold Nova player can play with lower ranks like Silver elite or higher ranks like MG1, 2 or even DMG. This allows any player using gold nova CSGO accounts to smurf with their friends who might be of a lower or higher rank, and successfully help them boost their own ranks.
  • Also, when it comes to having an enjoyable gaming experience, without actually having to worry about their main account’s rank, choosing to buy Gold Nova accounts is one sure way of doing so. Players can basically use these gold nova accounts to play in a more casual tone, try out new, funky strategies and play styles, and basically play without fearing any negative effects of losing ranked matches. Using gold nova accounts in this way can be a rewarding experience, since many will be able to blow off steam, and have fun with their friends.
  • One added advantage to using gold nova CSGO accounts is that it is also a good way to avoid cheaters in the game, especially Wallers and aimbotters. Playing against cheaters is quite a pathetic experience as players aren’t able to utilize their skills and win in a fair manner. All of their strategies and methods are thwarted by cheaters using a software or script to see players through walls, aim automatically, run faster, etc.

Therefore, opting to buy Gold Nova accounts is certainly a smart choice when it comes to buy csgo accounts. It holds numerous advantages and benefits for casual as well as competitive gamers, and can be easily bought from an online gaming website for fairly low prices. Players would be able to significantly improve their CSGO ranked gaming experience.

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