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In the entire CS series, counter strike global offensive has become and remained one of the most successful and popular games to be ever released. Even today, after 6 years of being released, it manages to attract and hold a player base of around 11 million users on a monthly basis. Of course, counter strike is widely popular because of being that old – school FPS shooter (much of which the game has been able to incorporate) that many around the world had grown up to like and play regularly. However, a major chunk of CSGO’s present success and popularity can be directly attributed to the ranked matchmaking system that was introduced with the new one in the series. CSGO’s ranked matchmaking is what made the game competitive by today’s standards, and is basically what got even casual players interested in developing their skills for playing online. They even opted to buy CSGO prime accounts for sale just so that they can continue with the ranked experience, uninterrupted by any malicious elements in the game.

Prime matchmaking in CSGO refers to ranked matchmaking, which is enabled by and for those having prime ranked accounts. In this, players having non – prime accounts are not able to join in the ranked matchmaking pool and instead, they have to play normal ranked matches. The major compelling factor for people to avoid wanting to do so, and just play prime matches instead is because of how cheaters have ruined ordinary ranked matchmaking for many in today’s date. This is primarily why Valve introduced had prime matchmaking, and it has been able to curb this abundance of cheaters to a certain extent.

Why should players buy CSGO Prime Accounts for sale in order to play Ranked?

  • Normally, there are not many avenues or options open for CSGO players to effectively avoid or dodge cheaters in their ranked matches. They can mitigate the problem to an extent by choosing to play at lower ranks, where there’s a lower probability of running into cheaters who use all kinds of softwares to win with unfair advantages. However, this is not a solution that’s feasible as one would want to still play at their main rank at some stage.
  • For this, they would need to convert their main account into prime. This would require of them to link their steam – authenticated mobile number with their CSGO profile, thus verifying it in the process. This would be a unique number and would ensure that the account is prime. The same number cannot be used to verify a different account for prime status, or used again in the event of the account being banned.

Those who cannot necessarily make their main account into a prime account, can opt to buy cheap CSGO prime accounts which might be of a lower rank, or the same as their own. Therefore, this is essentially the main reason why players should buy CSGO prime accounts for sale in order to play ranked.

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