A Quick Guide to find the Best Influencer Marketing Software


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Social media marketing strategies are a significant part of an organization these days. The marketing departments are constantly finding ways to promote the products by the brand, and in this bid, they implement something called the influencer marketing tool/software in addition to reliable software marketing plans.

The software is known to organize the system of maintaining an active group of brand promoters or what we call the new generation of affiliate marketers all across the social media platforms which are then converted to social influencers. The software is chiefly used to support and balance the other products of the social media marketing.

In order to turn the brand advocates to social media influencers, you can pair the influencer marketing tool with brand advocacy products. LeadDyno is one such influence marketing software that not just helps you to find and manage new and current brand advocates within an integrated platform, but also helps companies to find and hire social influencers from their wide network of affiliates.

How do influencers work?

Unlike the traditional affiliate marketers, the influencers operate primarily using text, email, and social media platforms. This works just great for the brands who take advantage of the current social media relationships of the influencers with a large base of their followers. They make use of these influencers in exchange for a compensation for promoting their brand.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

  • This process is much faster than the traditional affiliate marketing because here, it’s fast, convenient, and anticipated.
  • The fact that the network agencies already have hundreds/thousands of affiliate marketers or influencers will not just make it easier for the brands to promote their products, but you will also know how many impressions you got on your ad, or the promoted stuff.
  • You simply need to place the ad with the required content, and now relax and witness the slight growth in the web traffic and sales.

Consumer or commercial, there are many brands associated with this influencer marketing strategy these days and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t. If your SEO and the usual paid promotions are going strong, this strategy could easily prove to be your next step in relationship marketing.

How to Qualify to be Added in the Influencer Marketing Category?

  • The product (by the brand) must offer tools that helps the users to look for social media influencers within a network of influencers or through the social networks.
  • The product must help the users to sort and distribute influencers based on different reasons.
  • It should provide tools that help with marketing management and communication using which the users are able to stay connected with the influencers and even manage them.
  • Must offer a dashboard that can show all details regarding the campaign such as, the performance of the influencers and accordingly assess the performance.
  • Must help with transferring the influencer data in and out, along with the contact details.

Look for these characteristics while finding the best influencer marketing software platform that offers:

  • A registration process

Influencers know their audience much better compared to others. They are constantly looking for relationships with brands that they know and admire, and that are worthwhile. To make sure that you live upto their expectations it’s important for the brands to offer programs that are accessible via their website. This will help the influencers directly visit the website and connect with the brands who they want to work with.

So, how do the brands make it possible? Offering a simple one-page registration procedure will enable the influencers to sign up for their program and bring about an automated email string along with the next level for the influencer and the marketing team. At the same time, the brands must ensure any appropriate legal agreement with the influencer as they come on-board.

  • A portal that’s customizable

Not all influencers are great in terms of providing amazing content and so, as a brand you must offer tools that would help them produce quality content, assets that are brand-approved, links that can be shared and customized, and codes that can help them promote the brand, or easily promote certain products.

In addition, you can also provide options for the influencers to upload content or images for your approval before it gets posted. Yes, you must also offer them their own data dashboard that would keep them updated on their performance.

Using LeadDyno as the influencer marketing softwarewill ensure that their strong network will help you find a different influencer in no time if you are not receiving the desired results with one. It also offers a mobile dashboard or an app that keeps the influencers updated on their clicks and conversions in real-time.

  • A secure platform with full control

Apart from just offering a platform to control individual influencers, the brands must also offer a platform that helps them to modify the program such as, the commissions offered, terms and conditions, influencer community, and so on that can be helpful to all influencers. Make sure that as a brand you also offer a secured program that allows you to flag any cynical activity, and even block influencers when needed.

  • Automatic payments

Offer the influencers the option to get paid automatically all in one platform. This would eliminate the possibilities of any wastage of time by having to check manually or logging into several accounts each time. In fact, this arrangement will also benefit the influencers as they do not have to follow up with you to check for their earnings or when will they receive the payments.

  • Advanced data

While the influencers must have an option to check their analytics on the dashboard like the number of clicks they gathered, total number of conversions, and the total commissions earned, even the brand must have an option to check the clicks, sales leads, customers, earnings and through which medium (blogs, social media, etc.). Cohort analysis is another requirement for the brand that helps them improve their program in real-time.

Once you know how to find the best influencer marketing software, you must then work towards is to create strong network of influencers through a sound marketing strategy. So, get your influencers today, and get going with your earnings.

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